Virtual Events

Virtual Town Hall (VTH)

When you require a virtual meeting hall to gather friends, colleagues, and meet with business associates, HEXA2 is an ideal extension to complement your physical presence.


Meetings, Events, Auctions, and other live corporate gathering pursuits may be conducted with a few or thousands of attendees.


No software downloads and installation are required.

No need to be physically present at the event.

Broadcast presentations & HD Video Feed.

Time & travel saver.

Highly Secured.

Multicast TV.

HD Livecast.

This not your 1-to-1 Skype video or unsecured Peer-2-Peer gimmick.

YouTube Enabled - Broadcast Video from YouTube to audience.

Facebook Enabled (plus access to 265 other social networking sites).

Twitter Enabled (Get the word around. Ideal for viral marketing.

Ideal as corporate platform demanding compliance (Internet & Intranet use).



*Available for Meetings, Events, Auctions, Webcast, Webinars, Web Conference, Many-to-Many Video Conference, & More.

**Simplicity = Intelligent Media Delivery Enabler = NetStairs