An Extraordinary Meeting Place

Have you experienced small or large town hall meetings? Then HEXA2 is your ideal virtual destination. If you currently use any other webcast, webinar and video conference platforms, consider raising the bar with HEXA2. Why? Simple. We've packed it with more features and functionality. It is intelligent, stable & controlled by moderator . With built in many-to-many Video, VoIP, and Instant Chat as standard, coupled with add-on modules HEXA2 offers interactive experience beyond today's webinars. HEXA2 is ideal for gathering small and large virtual audiences. Make a live broadcast, stream, or broadcast on-demand video to audience. Meet, engage & interact with your audience. Do more for less.

Now HEXA2 is proud to bring you the first of its kind - Imagine your own Virtual Town Hall with one or more Meeting Halls where up to 8 webcams are broadcasting live feed. Your registered RSVP audience watches and listens to your videos and presentation and is able to interactively pose their questions via instant text messaging. HEXA2's all-in-one meeting hall requires no downloads. It is secure and firewall friendly. It places maximum emphasis on respecting the audience’s desktop security & user settings configuration. HEXA2 is ideal for compliance based unified communications.


HEXA2 Virtual Town Hall brings you unparalleled simplicity and unmatched workflow capabilities. If you require connections (audience) for 4, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000+ or more, HEXA2 is your meeting place. HEXA2 offers a variety of rental packages suitable for your online video conferencing or events. If you are an event planner, HEXA2 has special programs and discounts.

HEXA2 is ideal for your:

    - Large & Small Town Hall

    - Webcast & Webinar

    - Group Video Conference

    - Interactive Live stream

    - HD and On-Demand stream

    - And More!

    Virtual Meeting Halls are available for any size. contact