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Notice: You must pre-install JAVA. Visit & download the latest release.

Supported operating systems:

* Windows(XP,Vista)

* MacOSX

* Linux(Ubuntu)


Browser extensions:

Required: Adobe Flash Player, To obtain the latest version click here »



Additional info:

Mac OSX - Web Camera support - To activate your webcam, move your mouse under your name while in the room. Hold "Control" key and click on your mouse. A display of setting appears. Select "Settings". Choose the USB

Video option – (Generally, it is located as the LAST item on the list of webcams in the Flash settings window)- Webcam (icon). Use pull down menu and assign it to Adobe's Flash web cam.

Attention SKYPE Users: If you use Skype, MSN, AOL, Windows Live or other applications that take over peripheral devices such as webcam, you must exit and allow your audio and webcam devices available to other applications. Since we do not place anything inside your computer, (no plug-in, no cookies, or change of your security settings), you must grant permission. Adobe Flash asks you to allow webcam, mic, and other peripherals.

When you are installing Adobe Flash Player, if you use multiple browsers, be sure to install it for each browser.

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