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What is HEXA 2 VTH?


Virtual Town Hall is modeled after town hall meetings with moderator controlled settings. It allows for the gathering of both small and large numbers of audiences. HEXA 2 VTH is a Web Conferencing platform that allows you to conduct online meetings rather than time consuming and costly travel. It's the simplest and most cost-effective method to hold online meetings.


What can I do with HEXA 2 VTH?


  1. Extend your premier shows with VTH.
  2. Build your own brand.
  3. Conduct Focus group presentations.
  4. Show your PowerPoint, PDF File, Excel and Word files.
  5. Interact with customers, colleagues & staff.
  6. Manage hosted services via SSL 1024 Encryption through Cloud or Closed computing.
  7. Join meetings on different proximity.
  8. Stay more productive and save time & money.


How is HEXA 2 VTH different from other online video conferencing websites?


HEXA 2 is made by NetStairs team of European engineers. Unlike many other sites with similar claims, VTH is founded on simplicity and security. HEXA 2 core engineering founded on NetStairs SNL platform provides key differentiations. Beneath its hood, we have built features that will provide scalable stability. For example if power outage occurs or moderator attempts to leave the meeting hall (voluntarily or involuntarily), the HEXA 2 platform keeps the meeting hall intact. We also separated text messaging, VoIP and video into three channels in order to ensure the continuity of audience participation even where 'last mile' ISP may drop signals through small bandwidth data cards, Wi-Fi frequency signal drop, and other settings they have implemented to manage their traffic. It is also firewall friendly. These are just a few hints of VTH difference. In short if you demand to drive “Porsche” then HEXA 2 is your choice. When it comes to user interface, the All-In-One requires no download, no 3rd party call to VoIP center, and no desktop sharing. For large audiences you may use our HD quality video broadcast, presentation panel, and it’s Asset Manager.


Why choose HEXA 2 VTH versus SKYPE?


From Skype users themselves ….


Skype Trojan source code in the wild. Dancho Danchev: A programmer has released the source code of a Trojan horse that injects code into the Skype process in order to convert the incoming and outgoing voice data into an encrypted MP3 available at the disposal of the attacker. READ FULL STORY


6 Reasons to Block Skype in the Enterprise

Skype is a public voice over IP (VoIP) application that allows its users to call each other from PC to PC for no charge and set up conference calls between multiple users. The phone service requires very small amounts of bandwidth, all data is encrypted and it can get around attempts to block it from firewalls. But there are dangers in this seemingly innocuous communication and collaboration tool.

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Skype Users Experience


What is the difference between users: Audience, Moderator, and Owner?


Audience is invited much like a town hall gathering. They attentively listen to your presentation and broadcast. Moderator is the one who controls the meeting hall. She/he could upload presentation material, broadcast video, make the presentations, answer questions, and even boot out an unwanted party. Moderator could also set a private passkey for each meeting, thus sharing business intelligence only with select attendees who have been given the access key. Owner is the one user who owns the Virtual Town Hall. An owner may have multiple meeting halls with various numbers of connections assigned to different moderators. You can find detailed User Guides for all 3 types of users on this page.


How many people can I have in my meeting hall?


The number of connections can be anywhere from 10 to 100,000 of connections. We have the required settings to accommodate meeting halls with a number of connections even larger than 100K. Enterprise clients seek from 10,000 to 500,000 connections.


Do I need a HEXA 2 VTH account to attend a meeting?


Yes. Create your own account. Simply visit: Sign-Up Sign in with your username and password: Log-In Go to Town Halls – click on the Town Hall you were invited to – select the Meeting Hall specified in the invitation – Allow your webcam and microphone in response to the room's prompt– Wear a headset to reduce echo noise - And you’re IN!


What are the system requirements for attending a meeting?


Internet Browser (IE 7.0 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, and Safari) Minimum 512Kbps recommended bandwidth. Webcam and microphone. Headset (even ear-buds!) for cancellation of noise due to speakers.


I am a Mac user. Could I join a meeting on HEXA 2 VTH?


Yes. When you enter HEXA 2 VTH for the first time you would have to activate your webcam. This is only required for first time use, when revisiting the website you will be simply prompted if your camera is in use. Click OK. Mac OSX - Web Camera support - To activate your webcam; move your mouse in the area right beneath your name while in the room. Hold "Control" key and click on your mouse. A drop down menu appears. Select "Settings". Choose the USB Video option – (Generally, it is located as the LAST item on the list of webcams in the Flash settings window) - Webcam (icon). Use the pull down menu and assign it to Adobe's Flash web cam.


How much does it cost?


Pricing is based on the required number of simultaneous connections. Depending on the sequence and frequency of use, we have established a host of flexible and affordable pricing models suitable for corporate, enterprise and closed services. SLA also delivers a significant factor that is based on 1.5, 3.00, and 5.00Mbps per connection. The pricing also follows event based plans, monthly subscription, and even private white label settings with your own DNS. To learn more, Meet Me @HEXA 2 and let’s discuss your needs and pricing while you experience a firsthand demonstration.


How do I send out invitations to an event, meeting?


Moderator / Room owner has the Room Invite button in the menu that appears after login. Simply fill in the Room Invite form and follow instructions given on the form page. Room Invite uses your own Client Email to send out the invitations. NetStairs can also provide you with Cybermercial video email services (www.vmail4all.com)


What are system requirements for Audience to attend a meeting?


You may print or view the following document, which contains step by step instructions for the audience members: Audience Tutorial.


How do I join an online meeting?


There are two ways to attend a meeting:

  • Through several simple clicks by visiting Town Hall after your login.
  • Shortcut - direct link to the meeting hall - supplied by your moderator. Simply follow the link type in your username and password and you’re in the meeting hall.
  • Here is an example to direct meeting hall: California Meeting Hall


    How do I change my password?


    Login to change or retrieve your password: Change password Enter your email address. You will receive an email notification with instructions to change your password.


    What are system requirements for Moderator to attend a meeting?


    You may print or view the following document, which contains step by step instructions for the moderator: Moderator Tutorial.