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Social Media + Live Events + Instant Collaboration Across the Company!

When you need to transform Governmental municipalities, supply chain, channel partners, industry or enterprise into real-time interactive communications, HEXA2 is for you. We specialize in large group webcast, multinational meetings, virtual town hall, meeting hall settings serving online events and more. Do you wish to extend your physical presence with virtual venues complementing your connectivity and productivity?

Consider HEXA2

Create a group to collaborate within a department or a project team. Any size group may be created. Conduct live online video and media broadcast. HEXA2 makes relevant content and conversations interactive. Do more - Telecommute and be virtually present - as if you were there! Whether it’s for a department, a team, or a town hall meeting. Create groups while bringing coworkers around a shared goal. Manage content and security settings with advanced interactive tools.

HEXA2 for Business:

Nothing beats face-to-face interactive meetings. Create a blog and get input from coworkers and drive decisions. Polls are an easy way to gather opinions from others. HEXA2 will help solve internet and Intranet communications with no download, plug-in and or 3rd party to install. Do more with HEXA2. Webcast, Livecast, Multicast, Unicast, On-Demand, utilize 300+ integrated Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and more.

HEXA2 for Enterprise & Group Project Meetings:

HEXA2 makes it easy to meet with colleagues and get right down to business. Send invite notifications. Instantly broadcast content between distant teams and projects to expedite collaboration and eliminate duplication. Do more 4 less!